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burnout289's 67 coupe project

Discussion in 'Member's Build Threads' started by burnout289, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    I’ve been lurking a bit now and haven’t really had much to post about. Today I finally spent some quality time with my 67 coupe, which has been mostly sitting for the past 8-9 years and is currently stored at my mom’s place. It was my daily driver for a few years while going to college, until I purchased a 92 Integra as a DD with the intention of taking the Mustang apart (FYI – that still hasn’t really happened).

    Up until a few months ago, she’d fire up without a hitch, but now no fuel is getting to the filter so initially I was planning to drain the tank and see what the sender looks like and maybe inspect the fuel lines. Well, I decided instead to take a smaller step (sort of) and bring the carb home so I can have something to work on in my garage. One of those “let’s do something small so it feels like I’m doing SOMETHING” goals.

    I figured I’d drain the oil and coolant while I pull the carb off, and realized that fuel delivery was only one small problem. The orange sludge that came out of the radiator hoses was disgusting. The spring in the lower hose had pretty much disintegrated and is now in all parts of the cooling system, to be sure. I pulled the radiator & fan as well as the thermostat housing. I don’t have the room yet, but I see an engine stand in my future.

    All in all, it felt good to finally be doing something productive with the car. Too often, life and my other car get in the way (2010 STi). I tell you what, the Subaru community is addictive! And this is my 2nd. But I’m doing my best to not buy more parts for this one and concentrate instead on what I need for the mustang (engine hoist & stand, MIG welder, 302…). I’m hoping that by starting a build thread and documenting my progress, it will help keep me motivated and maybe I’ll end up a bit more organized with the whole thing as well.

    As of now, the mods are minimal: 600cfm carb, Performer RPM intake mani, dual Flowmasters, T5 (from 88 5.0 LX), wicked engine brace, MSD 6A.
    Plans? Well, those have changed a few times and they'll change again before this is through, but I'm all about customizing this car. I want this car to be manageable on the street but capable of handling some HPDEs. No desire to drag race other than maybe just for giggles. Once I can gut the interior and figure out what all REALLY needs to be done (rust...), these are some agenda items:

    - 302 to start with, possibly 331 down the road, possibly turbo (got the boost bug)
    - beef up trans or replace with something stronger, maybe 6spd
    - front coilover system and bigger FSB
    - chassis stiffening
    - bigger front discs
    - Explorer or SN95 8.8 w/ discs
    - Ultra-Lite gauges
    - seats that actually keep me in place
    - roll bar

    I’m open to suggestions and advice along the way. But please, don’t expect weekly updates! With luck, I’ll be moving soon and even have a big enough garage to get things moving in earnest. Until then, baby steps…
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  2. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Here are a few pics from today:

    No surprise here...



    This will be fun. Most of the floor feels solid, but I'm not making any wagers.

    There's a T5 somewhere under all that grime.

    I won't blame you if you stop reading here. *gag*

    Looks like the t-stat threw up.


    FLORD engine brace. I've broken 3 driver's side mounts prior to this.


    My two steeds.
  3. B67FSTB

    B67FSTB The NorCal dude from Belgium

    Thx for sharing those pics.
    Seems to be a nice ride and a nice place to work onto it.
    FWIW , take little steps in restoration and don't dissamble too much in one time.
    For now , I should bring the motor up to standarts.
    If you don't have a whole restoration plan , take it by little steps so you can enjoy your ride once in awhile.
    Fuel system
    Cooling system
    Engine compartment
    Charging system
    Electrical system
    ect ect
    It sure feels good when you can fire up that engine once in awhile.
  4. Fast68back

    Fast68back Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Doesnt look much different than any of us started with (except Kevin). Your making progress, keep it up...
  5. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Thanks, guys. Yeah, it's easy to get carried away removing stuff (I get distracted easily), so I'm going to really have to focus. I just ordered the Holley renew kit so I'll have something to keep me busy for a little while.

    The location does look nice (gigantic carport basically) but it's a rental and I really don't want to make a mess there, so I'm limited on what I can do. If I can find a place with a bigger garage, I'll actually be able to pull the motor and freshen it up.
  6. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    The renew kit came in yesterday and I picked up some cleaner today. I'm itching to start disassembly tomorrow, but we'll see if I get my taxes done and out of the way first. Priorities!
  7. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    It took a while to get all the parts cleaned up, but I finally finished rebuilding the Holley. Glad I took lots of pics to start with, but all in all it wasn't as hard to put back together as I would have thought. Well, I shouldn't speak too soon, since I can't even test it until the motor is ready to run again.

    I also decided to throw some paint on it, as the finish was getting funky. I used engine paint due to the chemical resistance and high heat tolerance. I went for a two-tone look, and no I am not a Raiders fan, just like the color combo. You shoulda seen the mess of painter's tape when this was all done.

    The balance tube wasn't too pretty so I sanded it smooth and sprayed some high temp clear over it.

    Will have pics up shortly.
  8. burnout289

    burnout289 Member





    I cut off the ends of a few Q-tips for screw holes. Worked perfectly.

    And here's the original carb. Going to look up a refurb kit for this one and do it all over again! That shiny spot by the tag was completely black from grime. Amazing what a few squirts of carb cleaner and a stiff brush will do.
  9. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Well, between a few months of unemployment and a new job, I've been kept pretty busy lately. But...I have the 17x9s (+28mm..so that's 6" of BS?) off my BRZ and ready to test fit on the Stang. I'm not really sure they'll fit well, but I plan to take some measurements and pick up a set of spacers if needed. If I need spacers in back, I'll hunt down a 94+ rearend. Hell, junk yard rear might be close to the price of spacers anyway.

    Once I track down and borrow an engine hoist, the 289 is coming out. I would love to just buy one, but I barely have room to store the engine stand. Tiny garage...

    I also picked up a MIG a while back and started practicing. I can successfully melt two pieces of metal together. Oh, passenger inner fender apron, we're gonna be good friends. I know the replacement panel is pretty cheap, but I have no intention of keeping the battery in front, so I don't want the shelf. While unemployed, I did some work for my brother's friend who happens to be a metal wizard. He'll sell me the sheet really cheap and help me form it. He has a 15' brake...hope it's big enough!
  10. cmayna

    cmayna DILLIGARA? Donator

    You don't list your location in your signature, etc, so we can see if you are nearby to borrow one of our engine hoists.
  11. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Ah, you're right! I'm in Oceanside, CA. That's San Diego area for those who aren't familiar.
  12. cmayna

    cmayna DILLIGARA? Donator

    Sorry you're not closer but if you're in the bay area sometime, I have one.
  13. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Well I appreciate the offer!

    I won't be up there with the car anytime soon, but them's my old stompin grounds. I grew up in Bezerkeley.

    There are a few Subaru guys in my area who I should be able to mooch off of. I just don't have a truck to move the damn thing (hoist OR engine) so I just have to coordinate with friends and probably shell out a couple of beers.
  14. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    I spent some time with the car today. I test fitted my spare wheels and disconnected almost everything attached to the engine. Tried to take the passenger fender off, but the car is too close to the wall and I can't open the door far enough to get to the last screw. Dollies would be great!

    I don't imagine most people would be a fan of the wheel choice. I'm a bit on the fence, myself. But they have tires that hold air and will give me something to roll the car around on. After a bit of a drop and fitment adjustment, I may decide to keep them on.

    And yes, it bugs the hell out of me that the tire is backwards. It's just the first one I grabbed when I left the house. The front needs AT LEAST a 1" spacer, possibly an extra 1/8" for safety. I cut a few pieces of 3/4" aluminum pipe to act as a ghetto spacer while my buddy held it up for me to check. The lip of the inside rim juuuuust taps the UCA balljoint hump. Hard to say how it'll look in the range of suspension travel. And I'll need to check turning clearance, but it was too wobbly just holding it up with some tubing spacers to get a good idea.

    The rears fit right up except for the small issue of the lug nuts. These wheels NEED spline drives in the 5x114.3 (5x4.5") holes. The 5x100 holes have more room, but that doesn't help here. Can't get a socket in there with the wide lug nuts. Otherwise, plenty of room and probably could take an inch spacer. If that works, I'll search for a used late model 8.8 that's 2" wider than stock. On to the pics...




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  15. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Nothing huge, but I just ordered wheel spacers and new spline drive lug nuts. I'm excited to get the car down off the stands soon! This will also allow me to roll it around and away from the wall. I really need to get the passenger fender off, but can't get to all the bolts as it sits.

    Paving the way for progress!
  16. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Nothing can ever go to plan, can it?

    Yesterday was a bummer. Finally enlisted some help and went out to the car, bolted on the spacers and found that the stock wheel studs are too long! I was sure a 1" spacer would be enough, but I never thought to measure the studs. I was also certain that my wheels had indents on the back but that's silly since they're dual drilled. Looks like I'll need a 1.5" spacer at least, or shorter studs.

    After spending more time looking at the fronts, I'm wondering how exactly the brake adapter kits like Mustang Steve's work. I didn't take off my calipers, but as far as I can tell the studs are pressed into the rotors. So do these kits use a late-model style hub? The pics aren't clearing this up for me, and the parts list doesn't say I'll need new studs, etc.

    I might have a full (4x) set of 1" bolt-on and 1/8" slip-on spacers for sale shortly...

    I did get the driver's side fender off, so that's something. Doesn't look too bad under there, either. I poked a flashlight into the cowl and it seems solid. That came with a sigh of relief, as I did not want to think about that kind of project at this point!

    In other news, I was able to put some new spacers on my BRZ. I bought some 15mm bolt-ons that come with 3, 5 and 7mm slip-on spacers to mix/match. After getting the rears done at 25mm, I went to the front and found that 20mm was not enough to cover the stock studs and the pockets behind my wheels were just barely not deep enough. So the rears had to be taken apart again so that they're now sitting at 22mm F and 23mm R. I was hoping for more in the rear, as there is a TON of room back there, but I think it still looks heaps better than how the wheels were tucked so far into the wells before.
  17. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Ah, a little more reading and I've got it. I'll need the drum hubs for the brake upgrade!

    JRANGER Active Member

    Did you say BRZ????? I just bought the FR-S...lol
  19. burnout289

    burnout289 Member

    Wow I haven't been keeping up on this site I guess. Yeah, got a BRZ last June! Such a fun car. Ft86club.com has an OK forum. It seems more complete than some of the others but it's poorly run. Pretty good for info, though. And watching all the new parts that keep coming out for these things!

    Let me know if you have any questions about the FR-S. I haven't gone mod-crazy (trying to put that money into the 'stang) but I've researched LOTS.

    As for the Mustang, I grabbed some 1.5" spacers for the front but I may just cut/grind the studs to make it fit with the 1.125". We'll see.

    I put together a shopping list for the local Pick Your Part since we just had a 50% off weekend and my buddy with a truck wasn't going to be available long enough to make it happen. Hopefully I can try again during the next holiday sale.
  20. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    I take it a BRZ and FSR are some kind of car?
    Just a question for ya on the brakes. If you already have disc brakes, why do you want the Mustang Steve conversion? Not bashing you just curious?
    Keep up the progress!!!

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