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Discussion in 'General Mustang Discussion' started by Makedust, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. JeffTepper

    JeffTepper Well-Known Member

    Before you go an accept that settlement check, do your homework. The value of the car pre-crash is the key to determining whether the car is a total loss or not. Things you need to know include the value of your car pre-crash and the cost of repairs due to the crash.
    Keep in mind that when it comes to "totaled" its comes down to a dollar number that is a percentage of the total value of the pre-crash car. For example if the car was worth $10,000 before the crash and the insurance company considers damage more than 75% of the value to be total loss, your car is repairable so long as the cost of repairs is less than $7500.00.
    Further, keep in mind that the cost of paint matching and blending can be a large number of dollars. You car appears to be a black primer so blending and matching may not be a factor in reaching the threshold percentage of damage.
    Last, but not least, get an estimate from a reputable body shop for damage repair and see where you end up.
    Check recent sales of similar cars for an idea of the fair market value, pre-crash.
    If the numbers make sense, argue/negotiate a settlement with the adjuster.
  2. Makedust

    Makedust New Member

    I can’t find anything comparable to what I have in a registered and driveable condition within a 500 mile radius for less than $17000.
    It’s going to be about $1800 in parts excluding shipping.
    I’m almost done with this job so I’ll have a couple of weeks free afterwards.
    I’ll refute the total loss claim and just fix it myself rather than have a salvage title.
    Hopefully I’ll have it done by the fall.
  3. Mach1Mark

    Mach1Mark Ramrod extraordinaire Donator

    Ask around for a classic car appraiser to do a pre-crash appraisal. I did one once many years ago for an insurance company. The owner, a nineteen y.o. claimed a '69 sportsroof was worth $10,000 before the crash. I came up with a vastly lower number and the kids attorney dad threatened to see me in court. I never got a call. They must have settled.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  4. Makedust

    Makedust New Member

    Well I sure sweated off that hangover real quick.
    Now I’m all in for this one.
    It’s going to be bear putting this back together.

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  5. Horseplay

    Horseplay I Don't Care. Do you?

    Looks better already! You'll get there soon enough.
  6. janschutz

    janschutz Corn Hauler

    Great progress already!

    KBMWRS What did the moron say today?

    Its the Jeep "doors off edition" Mustang.

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