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351 build


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I am not talking Coyote 5.0...just the old pushrod 5.0. While the truck will be built to take off road, let's face it, it will only see time on the street with spirited drives from stop light to stop light. I am still inclined to build the 408....it just sounds so much better to say than a wimpy 347!
I found the 351 more docile for performance use than the 289/302 platform. I ran a stock bore/stroke 5.8 for a number of years in the race car after having a 289/302 based package in it for a decade or more and it was just easier, more reliable, and more flexible. About the only thing I did to the C9 block was make some proprietary oiling modifications to help it live at 7500 at the track with the high bearing speeds of the OEM crank. Back then we ran stock everything, rods, crank, block. Prepped right, good stuff. In a truck, the torque of the longer stroke of the stock 351 will be noticeable and without the added expense of stroking the smaller engines. The 351 I ran was pretty mellow by today's standards, ran it in a '65 in Super Street, 10.90 class.