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Battery wiring


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Hey guys

Finally getting around to relocating battery.

Looking for suggestions on wiring for up front . Would like to clean it up a bit.

I have a wire for the alternator and the wire going to the solenoid. Then a cable from the trunk to tie together.

I'm looking at a terminal stud block to tie these together up front.

Maybe a through stud with battery cable on the fender into the engine compartment? Or just a simple stud in the engine compartment?


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I Don't Care. Do you?
I used the piece in your last pic for power points of both direct battery power and also "key'd on" power. Under my dash. Underhood I would use similar but something with as weather-proof a cover as possible. Also coat any bare metal contact with dielectric grease or similar to prevent corrosion.

You'd really be doing yourself a favor by mounting the starter relay in an enclosure of sorts in the space vacated by the battery. That way you can tuck everything away neatly out of sight and secure from weather, etc. I relocated my relay to the trunk as well. Bear in mind, doing this ups the ante on cost quite a bit as you will now be running multiple heavy gauge wires back and forth. If you do run wires this way make sure they are securely mounted and well insulated. Also of proper gauge. You start running high amp draw long distance you need seriously thick wire. Good wire. Don't buy cheap stuff on EBay. You want high strand count, 100% copper. Many a car fire has sprung up when guys tried to cut corners!


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I'm not planning on relocating the relay to the trunk. My engine bay is not anything to look at. Just want to clean it up a bit.

I was thinking I might move the relay and make a quick box down lower, but I'm also planning to use that space to run my air intake now.

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The NorCal dude from Belgium
Well, I also was thinking of relocate my battery to the back/trunk.
If you have an old style starter , then it is more complicate to route the wiring in a proper matter.
But I have a modern style starter and want to go this route :
Starting van the +pole of the battery , going over the rear right wheelwell , to the rocker and use the top channel under the sill plate to go to the front right kick panel , going from there on to the left , under the carpet , and install that terminal you showed in that first picture , I would use a location as close to the starter as possible. From that terminal , to the starter and from the starter to the alternator.
From there on , you can use a smaller wire to the starter solenoid. You have to draw a small wire or extend the "S" wire at the starter solenoid and connect it to the "50" terminal at the starter.
You can go even further and draw a wire from that terminal to the ignition switch and eliminate that orginal wire that goes from the starter solenoid to the ignition switch.