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Eastwood Mig175 and Plasma cutter


Well, after owning my welder for a few days and finally trying to use it the darn thing doesn't work. Maybe I'm dense and set it up wrong, but the machine won't flow shielding gas no matter what I try. I tried calling Eastwood during their business hours but wouldn't ya know they just won't answer the phone and all the numbers I try give me full mail box messages. Even their retail store doesn't answer its phone. I even tried calling to "place and order" but it doesn't even ring it just goes strait to a message saying "sorry but no one is available to help you , please try again later". This is the second time I have not been able to reach them, I tried calling yesterday as well...

Wow, I am stunned at the sheer lack of customer service on the part of this fairly large company. I am starting to rethink this purchase, the excitement is gone and now I am apprehensive about owning a product by a company that doesn't answer any of it's 4 phone numbers during their hours of operation. I guess I should have just followed all the advice I have seen and heard everywhere and just bought a frickin' Lincoln, the extra $200 almost seems worth it now. I'll end my :soapboxrant now and just wait for them to return my call and either help me fix it or let me return it. Now I need to find another project to work on the rest of the weekend.


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sorry for your troubles. I just tried calling eastwood and got through first try to real person. I then promptly hung up, but wanted to try anyway. 1-800-345-1178.

I think it would be pretty hard to pull a :Mark setting up the shielding gas, but if there is anything i can check or post pictures of that can help, i would do that. Just let me know.


I appreciate the offer to help Lethal, I must have tried that number a dozen times and left voicemail on at least 3 calls. It took a few days to finally hear back from them but I ignored the call as I had already sorted things out. I was able to get in touch with someone at their retail location who was fantastic and helpful. He gave me a short list of common issues to check for. In the end it turned out to be a fitting after the solenoid that was solid. Once I got the blockage cleared the machine worked like a champ! I quickly moved from practicing on scrap to welding up my cracked shock towers.

Hopefully they will answer on the first try if I ever need them again.

Long story short, I put the lousy communication behind me and I am thrilled with the product. For way less than $300 I got a very capable welder and auto-darkening helmet! I think this thing will serve me well for many years. Now I just gotta find a good source of steel so I can stick it all together :thu