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Johnpro's tool is back


After traveling throughout the USA since early 2011, helping roll the fender lip for close to 20 members, his fender lip roller arrived home.

Thanks to all you past users for taking good care of it. Now I will replace the roller wheels and give it a good once over in order to prepare for it's next jpurney.

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craig, im not sure the roller wheel needs replaced. Steve said that when he shipped it to me, so i was able to flip the head to the opposite side, and had no issue with the groove in the wheel. Just food for thought.

Laurie S.

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Is the fender rolling tool still around? I need it to do Trouble's fenders.


I Don't Care. Do you?
Whatever exclusive arrangement Eastwood had on that tool has long since expired. You can buy it just about anywhere now for cheap. Not the $300 Eastwood once got. How's brand new for $50 delivered strike ya?!


Laurie S.

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Staff member
Thanks, I decided to not roll the fenders since I would have to lose my wheelwell trim. I'm going to drop down a size from 225s and 245s to 215s and 235s.