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Last weekends farm work


Corn Hauler
Finally got the change to do a few chores.

Pull the zero trun out of one of the barns, It had not been used in a couple years. Needed a new battery and cleaned 2 years of dust off of it. Mowed around the barns to make sure everything worked.


Put a new starter into the John Deere so Julie could mow.

Julie mowed about 5 acres.


Started getting a wall section ready to become the air tool work and storage area. All in all, a real productive weekend.


Corn Hauler
Does not take long for the weeds and tree to take over. I have a little over 72 acres. The cattle usally keep the grass down but this year being real wet, there has been more grass they they can eat.

Another pasture, just mowed 3 weeks ago and now it needs it again.



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It's always good to have the wife do the mowing while you sit back and have a cold one!


Corn Hauler
Unfortunately, there is hardly time to sit back and have a cold one with farm chores to done, it's never ending. I currently have a tree across 2 pasture fences.


Corn Hauler
I see some goats in your future.
We have a small heard of goats, they are my mom,s. When she can no longer take care of them, they are gone. They are too much work.

There is also some weeds that even the goats do not like, you will always have to mow.


Corn Hauler
Already did my work for the weekend, went Friday to take a calf to the sale barn. Calf.jpg Julie mowed again.
Mowing 3.jpg

Only thing is that she backed into a tree and bent the wheel of the tractor, Oh well, something else to fix. Hopefully today, we do not break anything.

Bent Wheel.jpg


Corn Hauler
fall is the time for mowing, Julie did a couple more pastures.

She did have a bolt bust on the mower. Got to go pick up a couple this week.