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Last weekends farm work


Corn Hauler
Finally got the change to do a few chores.

Pull the zero trun out of one of the barns, It had not been used in a couple years. Needed a new battery and cleaned 2 years of dust off of it. Mowed around the barns to make sure everything worked.


Put a new starter into the John Deere so Julie could mow.

Julie mowed about 5 acres.


Started getting a wall section ready to become the air tool work and storage area. All in all, a real productive weekend.


Corn Hauler
Does not take long for the weeds and tree to take over. I have a little over 72 acres. The cattle usally keep the grass down but this year being real wet, there has been more grass they they can eat.

Another pasture, just mowed 3 weeks ago and now it needs it again.



Corn Hauler
Unfortunately, there is hardly time to sit back and have a cold one with farm chores to done, it's never ending. I currently have a tree across 2 pasture fences.


Corn Hauler
Plus my cold one would be a frosty mug of A&W Root Beer with a big scoop of Vanilla Blue Bell Ice Cream.
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