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New Thanks for Thanksgiving....


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Wisconsin is not exactly cheap. Compared to CA maybe but still can be pricey in nice established non-rural area. Best advice I have is to move very little and start from scratch there. A small rental truck from UHaul would cost about $2k not including gas and all the other travel costs along the way (hotel, food, etc.). Save all that cash and use it to buy new stuff in WI. Craigslist is also a great way to quickly furnish a place for cheap. You can find all kinds of like new stuff. You'd be surprised.
There won;t be much of a culture shock because, well, WI has very little culture! Beer, brats and large women. Get that down and you are like the natives. Oh, and you have to like cry-baby QBs too.
I'll agree with most of that.

Seriously though housing costs are very reasonable here. Not sure if they will be looking to rent or buy, a nice apartment or house rental with garage can be had in a good neighborhood for $600-900.

Buying a house in or near Appleton would run around $150,000 to 200,000. That would get you around 1800 sqft, 3 bedroom, 3 car garage, nice yard etc.

They are many benefits to this area.

Appleton, WI

At a Glance

Population: 237,500

Gross Metro Product: $13.8 B

Median Household Income: $68,563

Median Home Price: $183,000

Unemployment: 2.6%

Job Growth (2018): 0.5%

Cost of Living: 11% below nat'l avg

College Attainment: 29.9%

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What did the moron say today?
Well I have been told the plan.
They will rent a U-haul box truck and a car carrier for the 2015 Mustang. Put their meager belongings in the truck along with the 2 motorcycles. She will drive her 2020 Buick stationwagon (a very nice car). They plan on heading on a more southerly route I-40 or maybe I-10, then north. Hey its up to him.

He will buy a beater car there for winter use. Reason being is that he had the Mustang lowered and fears winter road debris.

Immediate housing plan would be to do Air BNB for a few months (there is long term types) where they could get advice from that owner about the area and then buy a house.

Yeah he needs this but it is so far away.:(