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NPD - National Parts Depot


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I deal almost exclusively with NPD Florida, almost entirely by phone orders. I have found dealing with NPD a pure joy and pleasure, as they only rarely don't have an item in stock, and when they do, they tell you before you complete the order. On the rare occasions that a shipment was wrong, NPD always is there to satisfy you by making it right. Out of nearly 40+ orders over the past decade, only once was a sales representative suspicious of my claim that a small part was not found in the box, but he did come through as needed. Shipping is good, and I've never received a damaged part in shipping.

NPD has some parts that can only be found there. Most of their catalog lists various quality levels of parts. My recommendation is always go for the highest quality part listed.

Only recently has NPD put ordering on-line, and personally, I would not use it. Too many times the sales reps correct my initial selection errors, which probably won't happen as regularly by ordering on line. A big plus with ordering by phone is that they are 7x24; I found late at night or very early in the mornings are great times to call them, avoiding wait times during the busy daytime hours.

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being tops, I give NPD a 5.0. You just can't beat their quality and customer service.


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If it's okay to do so, I'd like to add a few things.

I have NPD's NC distribution/call center phone number commited to memory I've used them so much.

NPD usually offers free shipping on orders over $300. NPD sales personnel can, if asked, discount orders usually over $1000. The salesman work on a commission and are more than happy to share a small percentage of their commission with you if you're going to make them some real money by placing a large order. Figure an additional 3-5% savings if you get the right salesman... :jam

A well known downside to NPD is their "over packing". Although they have a VERY efficient shipping department (orders usually received within 2 days), even the smallest of items will usually appear on your doorstep in a box much larger than necessary to actually ship the item. If you made a large order and received the "free" shipping, this is not an issue. But if you order one "bolt", expect a shoe box sized package with enough xmas wrapping paper inside to source your next gift wrapping event. The postage (NPD uses UPS exclusively) can easily exceed the value of the contents, especially when ordering from overseas/Canada. For domestic orders, the trick is to develop a "buy list" and wait to order until you've accumulated enough items on your list to reach their free shipping theshold.


Put me down for NPD as well. They sent me a set of window cranks for free just because I had a bad experience with another vendor and I complained about it on another forum. I mean free and they sent me a free tshirt with a catalog. I have been using them for most of my purchases since. A bit higher than the others but with that kind of service what else can I do but support them anyway I can.


NPD prices are pretty high compared to others. i also get taxed and I have never placed an order over $300 yet. i go to them last unless there's a nice item not sold anywhere else.

70 StangMan

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Put me down in the "Nothing to say but good things about NPD" club. I have been dealing with them over 4 years and have purchased thousands of dollars worth of parts. I have used almost all of what I bought and have taken a few items back for quality purposes (manufacture,not NPD) and have Never had a issue with returns.Plus add in the fact that the Fla. store is literaly 5 minutes from my job, it is Very handy indeed and no shipping charges. :pep
I have something bad to say abut them, They need a bigger sign....... I had one helluva time finding the place driving though Ocala towing a trailer around with me. I tried to swing by there when I went to FL to pick up my car. I bet I circled that city three times..... other than that :bow

Johnny M

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I have only started using NPD but have found them great to deal with. They are a little more expensive than other places but its a small price to pay for peace of mind when you are shipping parts across the Atlantic.



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This is from the VMF post listed as Mustangs Unlimited. Rick from NPD came in when they were mentioned. I followed the posts and the following is my results...

"A little update.....about NPD.....

Based on what Rick said NPD would do for these bad braces, I PM'd him concerning mine. The PO had told me he purchased it from NPD but I had no proof. Rick had no proof either and the last purchase my PO had made was in '01. My PO could have been wrong and bought from MU as I had a mix of parts. I bought the car in 10'08. Rick met me half way on a new, chrome, inspected export brace plus free shipping. I also added a chrome, curved, monte carlo bar to that and he did a good price there.

Thanks Rick. What more could a person ask for...."


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NPD is great, my second order ever got screwed up severly, and rick steped up and made it right. Their customer service is second to none, and i almost deal with them exclusively now!


I ahve been thoroughly impressed with NPD's customer Service. I like to buy from them whenever possible. However, their lack of online ordering was always a drawback, and their current system still is not on par with most in the Digital Age.

Never a big deal to call the 800 number, but sometimes I prefer to order online, and I am not a fan of their "email" ordering system.

Just to be clear, I am a big fan of NPD, but would like to see a better online ordering system in the future. They have lost some business of mine (albeit mostly small items) because it is more convenient for me to login to a competitors website, with my account all memorized, add the item to the cart, and checkout.

beach pony

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I'll give a thumb's up for NPD as well. When I began in the Mustang resto hobby, I used various vendors for various reasons. After a short wile it was evident that NPD was clearly the best to deal with. Competitive, customer service and availability are clearly at another level. They get all my business.


The NorCal dude from Belgium
What can i say as a oversees customer.

NPD has very good quality parts. Thats GOOD !

NPD takes boxes that are way to large and that is important for oversees custumers as they ship with UPS( $$$$$) and by air!!
And that is very very expensive overhere . so NO GOOD !

Conclusion : If i lived in the states , i surely buy parts from them! They have everything in stock and quality is very good even the best.

Johnny M

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Or you could do what i do....I wait and ship a batch of parts every 6-8 months. It's a pain waiting but I save $1,000s in the long run. If you know anyone else in the hobby near you can split the cost of the container and you can fit ALOT of parts into a 20ft container. I do have to spend more time on organising the whole thing but its worth it. Doing it this way makes NPD's overpacking a bonus!!!!

A 20ft Container door to door from the US to Ireland is about $2,000 with a 40ft only being another $200 and if you know the shipping agent well enough you can dodge taxes and duty :nice


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I too have been saved the hassle of a return on numerous occasions by speaking to a person on the phone vice clicking "submit order" on the web, ie, the person on the phone told me I was trying to order the wrong part. The staff on the phone center really knows their stuff and are very helpful. If you get a chance to talk to Rick, he is very helpful and sincere, and takes customer service to the level that you expect from a professional retail sales store, and then goes even higher. Cannot speak highly enough of him or his company.


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Just placed another large order tonight, parts for both the fastback and my 78 F-150.

On a hunch, I asked the saleswoman if she had access to my sales history. Now granted I've been at this address for 5 years but have been ordering for 15 years to addresses in 7 states, the first 2/3's of my history has timed out due to inactivity. She gave me the numbers, and I about choked. I could probably buy a nice daily driver for what I've spent at NPD the past 5 years alone.

So take note, don't ask questions you don't want the answers to.