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NPD - National Parts Depot


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I'm lucky to work within 20 minutes of the Charlotte NPD. One big plus for me: if they don't have something when I go to pick it up, they'll ship it to the house free. One time they had 3 out of four items, and shipped the heaviest item to the house next day so I could get the job done that weekend.


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I've had good luck with them for the most part.

Hate their online catalog though...guess that's why I keep a hard copy of their catalog under my desk at work and on the work bench at home.


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I just happened to buy a few parts from NPD a few weeks ago....One part I didn't need so I went to return it....Was informed I would get a check in the mail......I paid cash on the original purchase but had to wait two and half weeks for a check since it comes from Florida....Just thought I let you guys know about their return policy.......Usually I get all my parts at [another parts store in ---edited by Midlife] Ventura but I was in the neighborhood of NPD(meaning I was at Target)....


"I wanna go fast..."
I'm a very impatient person, so the fact that there's an NPD 3 miles from my house puts them way up on my list.

However, unlike every other auto parts store I have ever been in, ever - they do not offer a military discount. So that's pretty lame.

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I Don't Care. Do you?
I don't think it fair to label it "lame" just because a business doesn't offer a military discount. NPD is not an auto parts store either. They are a distributor of restoration parts to the automotive hobby. And a very good one at that. To excel as they do requires a hell of an inventory investment. If you have ever owned or managed a business you will know that that model is not at all the preferred method of success but it is the only way to earn the acclaim they get from their customers. Today's auto parts stores are not those of old. They stock far fewer real car parts and those they stock are more universal to at least brand than ever before. So instead of 4 different old SBF water pumps they may need to hold only one or two to cover the full fleet of a specific make these days. Mark up on those items can be greater as well in comparison to say an old interior piece for a 68 mustang that they may only sell 15 of a year but have to keep on the shelf nonetheless, in the case of NPD.

Ask yourself why did you go to NPD for a specific part need and not Autozone. The obvious answer will be NPD has it. Is that not worth it to you sans the discount?

Other vendors mark prices up and then have "sales" at times to stimulate business. NPD is just everyday fair pricing. If someone is giving out a discount you can bet they have mark-up in place to allow it. One big mustang vendor has their entire model built around this concept. Compare the normal price to a sale price sometime to see the difference.

My son is currently in the Marines and has his battles surviving on military pay so I get where you are coming from. Just wanted to point out that not every business model really allows for such discounting.


Yak, yak, yak
Not only have I had superb dealings with NPD through mail order and in person, but have had them go out of there way for me. As a long time customer I normally receive their latest catalog whenever published. Having not received one (a FREE one I must emphasize!), I added my name to a list of several people that didn't get one. Rick Schmidt (COO of NPD), not only insured I received one but threw in a free t-shirt to boot!

I'd have to agree with Terry as to the unfair label for not offering a discount. Many businesses today not only offer a military discount, but extend the same courtesy to public service folks also (Firemen, Police). Please don't think I'm referring to you specifically, but it troubles me to see folks in any of these groups "expect" a discount. I have seen folks actually cause a public scene about it, or abusing them to the point the business stopped discounts to anyone! It is a courtesy extended by some businesses. If I had to pick a time period when these discounts started to become widely offered it would be right after the first Gulf war. Many people nowadays taken it as a "given", but they haven't always been around. It never hurts to ask, but there's no need to be upset if a business doesn't offer one.

BTW, not only am I also a veteran but a law enforcement officer (and worked for one agency that would fire you if they found out you asked for a discount!).


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Here's another up vote for NPD. I have been buying parts from them since Rick's dad worked the counter in the little Gainesville store. I have never had a bad experience with them, never. Their customer service is the absolute best in the business.

And the NPD sponsored annual show at Silver Springs is fantastic as well.

And I am not related to Rick, nor do I work there!:D

They really are that good.


The NorCal dude from Belgium
Well I have to confirm the upper statement.
As a foreigner I always was pleased with the quality and service but.....
they always took oversized boxes to ship abroad which costs me alot more due to shipping volume.
I contacted Rick through a forum and he immediately responde to my remarks.

As for discount , boy you don't want to know how much this hobby costs me , living abroad.:mad::confused::mad::confused::(.


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Another 5.0 rating for NPD from me. I don't use them for small parts as the $9.95 shipping is silly for a couple of bolts or gaskets, but they are my go-to for any high-dollar or large part. Cannot beat their customer service!

When Jane was totaled NPD worked with me on a little discount so I could afford the parts to put her all back together. Anything I needed they had to me within a day or two (but I did live a couple hours away from the Charlotte location so that helped). Always let me inspect parts and were always willing to work with me if I had any issues!

Funny story, when I had finished resurrecting Jane I took her to NPD while I was in Charlotte for the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration at the speedway. I pulled into the parking lot and the horn started going off like mad. It wasn't one long beep either - it was like Jersey-style honking. Everyone in the parking lot was looking at me funny as I pulled up to the curb shouting at my car, horn still blaring. Got out of the car and the horn honked one more time and quit. Of course, that then prompted someone to walk up to me and go, "So this must be Calamity Jane and you must be Kelly!" :rolleyes: We figured she was just throwing out a shoutout to the guys who made her resurrection possible.

NPD all the way! :D