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Boom's 68 fastback

Discussion in 'Member's Build Threads' started by Boom, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Boom

    Boom Active Member

    I have the serpentine kit mostly installed. I had some setbacks. Mainly that I needed to get a new balancer as the the one I had made everything stick out too far. Fingers crossed everything works when the new balancer gets in.

    Been working on cleaning up and finishing some of the welds on the underside of the car.

    Looks like I'm going to have to scrap my 8.8" rear axle plan or change it. The company I was going to go with (AJE) changed their design and now they require removing the rear shock crossmember. I'm not wanting to do that so back to the drawing board. Might default back to my original plan of going with the Streetortrack 3 link set-up. The only real reason I changed from that was that the 8.8 was newer, different, and considerably cheaper.

    The next big part to save up for is the radiator. I've been leaning towards going with MTF's radiator. Its a custom Griffin radiator and fan combo. I have one in the coupe and its very nice. I have looked into a few other options, but by the time you get a decent radiator and then find some good fans and the wiring its not far off the price of this. I am open to suggestions though.


  2. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty much a broken record on this subject. Go with ECP for the radiator and put the rest of the stuff together one bit at at a time and you can likely put together something for half that price that is at least equal in performance. Nothing against buying from Rich but personally outside his very cool custom made pieces you can spend money more wisely. Hell, spend the money saved on something else he actually makes himself!
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  3. Boom

    Boom Active Member

    They have some nice options. I sent them an email as they currently show out of stock for the 25" model and I also asked if they offer a fan/shroud kit for it.

    I have also looked at Champion radiators. I can find decent radiators for good prices, but I can't seem to find quality fans at a decent price. I've read about the contour fan and even looked up the pricing at one time.

    Space also starts to be an issue with some set-ups. I only have just under 7" between the radiator support and the water pump pulley. That 22" ECP combo requires 7". Thats why I'm looking at set-ups with dual fans since they're not as think in the middle.
  4. Boom

    Boom Active Member

    I am pretty impresses right now. I emailed ECP asking those questions a few hours ago and already got a reply on a Saturday evening. The 25" radiator is in stock and they have a kit with dual fans. He said to give him on call on Monday. Fingers crossed it'll fit.
  5. kb3

    kb3 Well-Known Member

    As Terry said, can’t go wrong with the ECP radiator.
  6. Boom

    Boom Active Member

    I talked with Frank at ECP. I think I'm probably going to get their set-up here shortly after I get the serpentine set-up finished. A problem that I hadn't thought of before came to me earlier while measuring for clearance, I Don't know if I'll have enough room for the fans. Even if I do have enough room, will I be able to put a bar on the tensioner should I need to change the belt without pulling the radiator/fans out? I'll most likely be losing the fancy cover on the tensioner. We'll see, all I can do is wait and see when i test fit the radiator assembly.

    I got my Scott Drake monte carlo bar in today. Test fit looks great. Just have to get some bolts for the top holes.

    [​IMG]20180305_234654 by Brett, on Flickr
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  7. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    I realize you are a long way from there but when the time comes I'd invest in a larger air cleaner. The one pictured cannot process the volume of air your engine will want. I ran the numbers when building my 347 and found a similar piece wasn't up to snuff. Truth be told, the one I ended up going to was better but still a bit short as well but clearance issues kinda forced my hand.
  8. Boom

    Boom Active Member

    I was wondering about that myself. They make a 4" tall version of my filter, I just have to wait til I get the hood on to check for clearance.
  9. Boom

    Boom Active Member

    Pulled a fan out of a Contour today, cleaned it up and tested the fans. So far all good. I am going to order the ECP radiator tomorrow. I don't have much room to work with between the pulleys so this seemed to be the slimmest, best option.
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