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Discussion in 'General Mustang Discussion' started by Sluggo, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    How 'bout reading the gallery sticky http://www.stangfix.com/testforum/http://localhost/stangfixp/viewtopic.php?t=7 and the tutorial sticky http://www.stangfix.com/testforum/http://localhost/stangfixp/viewtopic.php?t=9 and get busy post some pics.

    You are allowed to use an insane amount of space, unlimited actually, and it would sure be nice to see some of those gems I know you have. I don't want to mention any names, but I know there's at least 4 69s here besides mine and I'm kinda partial to that year model.

    Thank you for your continued support :bow
  2. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    I just looked at the gallery.

    Rick has more pics in his than all the member's galleries combined...... :wtf
  3. Fast68back

    Fast68back Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    And??????? Its a cool gallery, you can upload multiple pictures at a time.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    So Sluggo what are you trying to say? I am kind of slow so come out and say what you mean. :burn
  5. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Well, since you put it that way..........get some damn pics up Gary!
  6. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    I just put some more heat on you in car of the month Gary, you better kick the tires and light the fires :run
  7. Fast68back

    Fast68back Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    :wtf, you watchin Top Gun reruns today...
  8. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    No. I'm waitin for Papa John's to show up with my chicken wings since the damn sandwich I bought at Bucees this mornin had green fuzzy sh@t all over it. :expl
    I'll feed it to their manager when I get off work tonight. :punch
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey I will see what I can do but it will be a bit. I am sitting here with the instrument cluster out of my 95 GT Vertible in my hands. I am taking it apart to paint the needles on the gauges. I had to replace the water temp gauge in it earier this year and the only one I could find was a used one and the needles on it were faded real bad. Makes the cluster look like crap. So first things first. Beside if I don't get this back together I don't get to drive it. And since the 69 is in front of it I don't get to drive that one either.
  10. Opentracker

    Opentracker Active Member

    Here's mine, needs a little work still.

  11. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Quick fried to a crackly crunch!

    We are gonna need more pics of that.

    Did you buy it that way, or did you forget to use some heat shrink tubing?

    And what's the story on the Unimog lookin unit?
  12. lethal289

    lethal289 Active Member

    definitely fixable, let me suggest you just try to buff it out.
  13. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    The stripping part is nearly done! Looks like a weekender.
  14. johnpro

    johnpro Active Member

    *LOL* It's kind of fun being the Noob again!

    Posting pictures would assume that I actually take pictures of it! You would think that as much as I drive mine, I'd find some place to get some decent pics of it. My new billet grills really give Scary a different look and the only pics I have with the grill are from Knott's this year, and the lighting was terrible.

    I'll post a few of what I have, though.
  15. Opentracker

    Opentracker Active Member

    It is the original paint. It was in a barn fire a long time ago and has been sitting. It's only got 18K on it, poor thing. It's a 428 4-speed 70' GT500 SCJ R code drag pack car with 4.30 factory rear gears. I bet it was fun to drive, will be again someday.
  16. cmayna

    cmayna DILLIGARA? Donator

    I'm partials to 69's as well since that is my high school class year. OK OK, I might start dumping pics on this site. Why not?
  17. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Holy shidookie! You have the drivetrain?
  18. Opentracker

    Opentracker Active Member

    Everything but the motor. It got blowd up. The car was owned by a NASCAR team member and they raced it on the weekends for fun. It ran a 427 after the 428 let go. It's all there, just melted. It never got parted out thankfully. I have the hood, bumper, stock wheels and seats too.

    It was a flash fire, the carpet is still OK. Everything above the belt line got poofed. :expl

    My plan is to put glass in it and get it runing as is. I have a nice tri-power big block to go in. The doors open, it steers and rolls fine. No frame damage and no rust to speak of. It never got hit so the 1/4rs are in good shape. Power steering and power brakes, no A/C. I was chosen by the PO. He wanted it to go to a good home. Quite an honor IMO. I'll be the caretaker of it for the rest of my life, then it's my boy's toy.
  19. DeadStang

    DeadStang Member

    OK, I created a gallery with my 1969s... But I don't know how to link it here to show you? I admit that I am a moron :doh
  20. Sluggo

    Sluggo Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    You're not a moron, you just did not look hard enough :rofl
    Click a thumbnail in you gallery. Scroll to the bottom left and you will see code you can copy to link to the pic.
    Use the bb code if you want to add it to a post.
    Use direct link to make a link to the pic
    And use show html link to show the pic and link to it.
    <img src="http://www.stangfix.com/testforum/gallery/1/57_21_06_09_8_48_54.jpg" />
    It's that easy.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 28, 2014

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