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"Phoenix" 65 Coupe to FB

Discussion in 'Member's Build Threads' started by JRANGER, Dec 30, 2016.


    JRANGER Active Member

    Well you always learn lessons the hard way. I was very frustrated welding my cowl covers in. It was spattering really bad and i have no idea why. After i ran out of wire i went to tractor supply and bought some Hobart wire and all of a sudden my welds started working better with way less spatter...So now i know to stick to name brand store bought wire. . So i have a lot of grinding and cleaning to do on the cowl 19400383_10158862134620521_362949481109952104_o.jpg
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    JRANGER Active Member

    I just bought the double crimpers...Im not sure if you need anything else

    JRANGER Active Member

    Its the gift that keeps giving. :) Besides you have had a ton of fun with the bobcat and your kids :) Also provided me a car to build right
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  4. tarafied1

    tarafied1 Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are making a lot more progress than I did. And yeah, we are having fun driving the junk we kept!!!

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    JRANGER Active Member

    Didnt want to get carried away and do too much work with the body kit before i ran my new stianless gas and break lines. Just that way when its harder to get under i didnt struggle

    Then i did some grinding to get the side scoops to fit better. Just some minor grinding on the lip
  6. Boom

    Boom Active Member

    That scoop looks like its gonna fit great. Been thinking about adding those. What are you going to use to bond it to the car?

    Have fun with those stainless lines. Flaring stainless is such a pain.

    JRANGER Active Member

    Luckily there was a sale at CJPONY and these are all preflared kits from ClassicTubes

    JRANGER Active Member

    Ok help me out guys, im slightly confused by the rear rubber line.
    This car was originally a single exhaust car. There is a single exhaust rubber liner and a dual exhaust line. I can see the difference but i bought dual exhaust hard lines. So far everything has worked fine but i havented add the rear lines. Looks to be about the same as my 67...However what i dont understand is why its $50 for the rear line when the 1 on my 67 was $18. Looks the same to me. Is the 65 a longer line? I do see its positioned a little more offset but just want to make sure i get the right hose to fit the car.

    JRANGER Active Member

    So today i finally wire wheel above the rear axle. Then i used the metal brake i bought to make patches for the gas tank lip secrion out of the roof sheet metal. Got it tacked in and naturally ran out of welding gas. 20170708_111631.jpg 20170708_133411.jpg 20170708_142420.jpg
  10. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    Although {.} will disagree, I am not trying to be a critic (or an ass) but from those pics it doesn't look like you are fixing problems but rather making new ones. You need to do a much better job of cleaning up the old metal before you start trying to patch in new. The welds can't be very good judging by the metal adjacent to them (and their appearance). You are just creating new areas to rot away by leaving rust in place. Get the area completely down to clean bare metal before you start melting metal. A bonus will be how your welding starts to even out and stops "popping" and all the rest you have to have been experiencing. Clean metal will yield you nice penetrating results instead of all those surface dwelling caterpillars you have right now.

    JRANGER Active Member

    Yeah its not overlapped at all and that's why its only tacked in so i can clean everything before i put more weld in. I cleaned the underside before hand just not on top
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