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Re-restoration in progress for some vintage racing

Discussion in 'The Track......' started by msell66, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Horseplay

    Horseplay Well-Known Member

    I don't need her permission to do anything. I make the rules in my house.... sorry. Gotta go. Coming dear. :(
    RapidRabbit likes this.
  2. msell66

    msell66 Road Worthy

    She rules with an iron fist. I've witnessed his begging for money and it's not pretty.
  3. Fst Blk

    Fst Blk Well-Known Member

    I'll make no such claims. My balls are safely tucked away in my wife's purse lol.

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  4. Ponyboy66

    Ponyboy66 Pole Position

    hahaha... Yes dear....Coming dear...Your right dear...
  5. BobV

    BobV Well-Known Member

    If my wife ever realized how much insurance & retirement savings I had...

    I wouldn't be typing right now. :eek::eek::eek:

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