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67 GT 390 Fastback


I Don't Care. Do you?
Chris, I recently found this thread about your restoration and it has been very informative. Thank you for the documentation, car looks fantastic

Its funny, my 67 s code was also originally dark moss green/black interior. In 1974 my father repainted to what looks like a similar blue.

Paint looks great for being 40 years old!

Utah Joe

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technically that pic was ~2003, it was done in lacquer so it shines pretty well...still looks ok if you dont get too close :)


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This is what I got done on the car today.

I installed the first layer of Raamat on the floor.

The car did not originally come with a floor console but, I picked up one that is in really nice shape at a swap meet a while back. I put it in place while I installed the insulation. The console is for an automatic transmission so, it looks like I am going to have to modify it to accomadate the manual console shift plate.

I picked up a battery box that a red top optima fits in.

Where did you find the battery box that the optima fits in??


Where did you find the battery box that the optima fits in??

Sorry that I have not replied sooner, for some reason I have been unable to log into this site for quite some time.

The box I picked up at the swap meet in Portland, OR

I will have to look for the receipt and see if I can get you a contact number.

We had our house up for sale last year, so the car had been in storage. I was able to drive it only 3 times all of last year. The last time I drove it I had an issue with a driveway that I pulled into. The driveway had a decent crest to it with a pothole on the back side that I couldn't see because of the crest. The car dipped as I hit the driveway and as it was a left turn into the parking lot the front drivers side tire caught the lip of the fender and put a wow in it. I just got it out of the body shop last week and was able to put about 25 miles on the drive it to the new house.

There are a few things that I need to get done now that its back home.

The steering gear box needs to be replaced. There isn't any room left to adjust it. Its fine driving around town, on the freeway its more noticeable that it has a bit too much play.

I just spoke to someone that was having the same issues that I had been having, (low vacuum, timing always seems to be a bit off, no low end power) - they said that their builder had put in a cam that was supposedly more of a performance cam. He told me that when he went to a stock cam it solved all the problems that he was having. So, I am thinking of changing the cam...