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Boom's 68 fastback


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Got the drivers side holes in the rocker and the quarter trim welded up. Have a buddy coming over to try and help align the door (dynacorn, so it'll suck) then I'll do the passenger side holes.

Plan is for no rocker trim and some sort of scoop for the quarter. Haven't decided on the MTF style (eleanor bond on) or the Shelby bolt on style. The upper vents will stay, but I'm putting a block off plate behind them. Going with MTF interior which places a speaker directly behind the vent.



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Got quite a but of work done the last few weeks.

The door ended up living up pretty well.

I also welded up the passenger side rocker holes and the badge holes on the fender.


I'm feeling alot more confident. Of course just to keep me humble the antenna hole was kicking me down. I had issues trying to smooth it out without burning through. In the end, I got it pretty well perfect I think.

I also tackled some more of the wiring harness. The back of the car is good to go I think and the front light harness is wrapped, routed, and completed with plugs. Doing some of the under hood wiring today.


My hood should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday at the terminal for me to pick up. I cant wait. I also got new hinges.


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Thanks guys! :)

The hood and new hinges came in yesterday. Dang it looks good. The hinges are gonna be a pain to mount the hood to without 12 hands. Theres an a extra bracket that you put the bolt through that sandwiches the hinge against the hood. Moves the mount for the strut out a bit further forward on the hood.



I hope to be able to mount the hood here soon for an initial test fit with the nose, plus I want to see how it all looks!!


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what brand hinges are those? Looks to be the ticket for fiberglass hoods.
They are sold by Mustangstofear. They are $249. They seems to be very nice but I havent had a chance to mount the hood to them yet.
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some thin 2-sided tape should hold those brackets in place easy enough and won't cause any issues. Like the hood choice.


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I like it! Trying to figure out what hood/nose combo will look good on my 67 convertible


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I like the way this looks alot. I think once I get it lined up better and everything coated with the flat black primer itll really come together


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It does fit really well. I'm gonna wait for the weather to warm up a bit before doing any fiberglass/filler work though.

I got some hood bumper from Summit. Nice little Stainless ones. I'll snap a picture of them later.

I got some billet rails for the plug wires. I need to get new plugs in the heads so I can route the plug wires and start getting them cut and the ends on.


It's time to file taxes again. Be nice to pay a few things off, free up some more money for parts. :)