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Boom's 68 fastback


Corn Hauler
Did you make the pony, I'm looking for the codes to cut one out on our work's Laser table or my son's plasma table.


Active Member
No it was picked up at a swap meet a few years back. The buddy that coated these has a cutting table, too.

Picked up an extension for the dial indicator, might get around to that tonight.


Active Member
Been lazy lately. Did manage to snag a new project engine. Been cleaning it up. Lots of interesting features.



Well-Known Member
I certainly hope you are not to going to swap that into a Ford! Yes, they are cheap and easy to create good horsepower numbers, but man they have to be one of the ugliest engines ever built! Fortunately the aftermarket has come up with some cool ideas to hide those coil pack.


Active Member
No theres not a chance this is going into a Ford. I have toyed with putting it into my Iroc, but I'd need a new transmission.

I had been watching it on craigslist for awhile and this weekend when I checked they had lowered it to $250 complete with harness and ecm!! I felt I couldn't pass that deal up.

Plans are to clean it up and put it on a cradle for now.


I Don't Care. Do you?
I sure wish Ford would make a traditional small block like the LS. All the modern metallurgy combined with great architectural webbing support like done in the LS makes an unbelievably rugged and durable block. Damn near impossible to break 'em with boosted power. Instead we get the Coyote which is like it in many ways but so much larger in physical size and expensive to build. The new 7.3 is nice though.