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California Meet-In-The-Middle...April 17-18 2020


What did the moron say today?
California Meet-In-The-Middle...April 17-19 2020

Its ON. Drive your Mustangs...and the old ones not the new one you may own.

Kon Tiki Inn
1621 Price St, Pismo Beach, CA 93449
(888) 566-8454
Reservations phone only....$196/nt

Do it now....they say they are some rooms left...late spring break time so rooms may be scarce.

Mention MUSTANG GROUP....just to let them know to keep us maybe together. No discount.

End of Spring Break so call now. I asked for ground floor but all were also requested.
You do the same so maybe we will get someone on the ground floor.

April 17 & 18 (drive home 19Apr)

Those from NorCal will meet up in Gilroy at Hwy 152 & 101 on Friday and drive south together.

Friday night dinner, walk to Giuseppe's (I'll try reservations when we get a final headcount)

Saturday a back road drive to Solvang (don't pig out on food...early dinner at....)
Jocko's Steakhouse: 125 N Thompson Ave, Nipomo, CA 93444

Saturday night...back to the hotel for..drinks and conversation...mostly drinks

Sunday...drive home

Starfury (1)
KB3 (2)
Crustycurmudgeon (1)
DEL65 (2)
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Always on vacation!
Amber and I will be there and sorry the old one isn't going to make it. You'll have to put up with the Shelby.


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Will likely be staying elsewhere, but will be around all weekend, including meet up.

Need to get the pony prepped...


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We will be there, I just need to remember to make reservations tomorrow!!


Owner of Invisible Mustang
Reservation made! First and last time I made MITM was in 2009. It did not end well. My 65 got whacked at the Shell station by a pick up truck.



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I finally remembered to call and make reservations! We are in, could be 2-3 of us depending on the boy's work schedule.