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Next Project


Corn Hauler
Did not make my goal of finishing it this week. The little stuff keeps poping up. To do:
Move coil to inner fender
Mount electric fuel pump on inner fender.
Mount Bumper

Looks like a truck now.


Corn Hauler
Julie drove the truck today! She is happy with the way it drives now. The pictures came out blurry, need to take new ones.

Onto the next project for the mustangs.


Corn Hauler
The crown vic front end needs 16" wheels, the originals were 15". I plan on getting 4 custom wheels that are all the same.


Corn Hauler
Last weekend, on the trip back from the farm, sometimes when pushing the dimmer switch, the headlights would go out. Got a new dimmer switch, and some other electrical parts on the way. Need to get this done for a trip to Houston in a couple weeks.


Well-Known Member
Just had this 58 F350 come in my shop for a NYS Inspection and lube, oil and filter. Sweet truck! The lube part kicked my ass, there has to be at least 50 grease fittings on the beast. Has nice patina!