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Stangfix Members Garage/Shop and Tool Hordes...Show us what ya got!!!


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My garage is mostly done now so I can show the highlights, but as we all know, your shop can never be too big and you can never have too many tools. My house has a two car garage on the main level and what is known in my area as a “boat garage” in the basement. This is a hilly area and at least one side of all the basements are at ground level with windows and doors. I believe I may be unique in my HOA for having a second driveway and pad for the boat garage. I know this sounds strange, but all my neighbors have a 12’ door on the side of the house with lawn or dirt outside. My lower garage is an odd “L” shape and since it’s in the basement the overhead is not ideal and there is one particular post that isn’t where I would prefer. It could hold three cars. The Stang and Vette should just fit nose to tail straight-in (although I’ve never done it) and one more could angle off to the left.

Man, I could easily live in there.


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So I'll admit to being a bit of a dumpster diver and such.

One of the stores in my mall is remodeling and they tossed about 4 of these displays, all hooks too. It's

I pulled them in my stockroom and stripped all the slat wall off for my garage and workshop.

4' x 5' worth on each side. I ended up with about 120 sq ft. It's nice heavy duty plastic stuff.


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