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1952 F1: The Garage Roommate


I Don't Care. Do you?
You’ll finally get to use the TIG.
A ton. Which is just fine by me. Been playing around with it and like it a lot. Getting comfortable with it. Lots of challenges ahead with this project for me using it too. Vertical welds. Upside down welding! Plus since I plan to install tubs out back I'll be doing some thin metal stuff too. Also should be some stainless and aluminum work along the way. Plus a mini-project at some point I believe will happen. I can see me wanting/needing a rotary welding fixture. Sure would make some of the exhaust fab work easier (and much better looking!).


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Looks like you have some work cut out for you! I was watching a show this morning and they showed an alternative to the Shockwave system. Mittler Bros makes a nice hydraulic over coil over. It’s a pricey unit but very well built. It is so easy to spend your money!


I Don't Care. Do you?
So the chassis work started in earnest finally yesterday. All the holiday events are over. The house guests gone home. The wife back to work! I had yesterday and now today for uninterrupted garage time. Finally got cold here after 60 degree temps for Christmas. Have the heater running full blast now getting things warm out there.

Yesterday, I took off the whole front end, inner fender panels and core support. I also removed the full stock front suspension and transmission, stripping it down to the bare frame rails. Be aware, 70 year old steel transmissions are HEAVY. Started cutting away stuff to allow welding in a new crossmember for a MII IFS set-up. I bought the crossmember as a DIY kit of just laser cut pieces as the plan is to modify things a bit and maintain the stock 45 degree support braces shown in the pic as they also serve as the engine mounting points for the flathead. In the long run I think this will make things easier and also structurally much more solid.

A couple pics as it sits now. By tonight I hope to have the crossmember tacked together and in place along with the top hats and the frame boxing done. Hope to have it all finish welded by the weekend, wheels mounted and sitting on the ground. Which reminds me...I need to order up a pair of air bags!



I Don't Care. Do you?
Despite what you may have thought I have been hard at work on the truck. Just haven't been very good about taking pics and posting updates. The front suspension fabrication and installation work is all done. I've decided to take the truck to a bit of a higher level build than I originally wanted to so there is still work to be done before I can paint it all. I'm building up the welded seams in areas that will be visible when the hood is open so that I can grind and sand them smooth so everything blends in seamlessly. I'd rather do it that way then slather on a bunch of filler. More durable. Just takes a lot of time and makes a big mess!

I also removed the full rear suspension and rear end. Already sold it all off. Next up is a small frame notch and the 4-Link. Also mini-tubbing it using a small 3" tub extension in the bed. This won't require narrowing the frame but will allow up to a 315 or so tire. Be starting that work this coming week, I hope.



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Your not sticking to the original plan? I'm shocked!

Seriously looking nice!

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I Don't Care. Do you?
Got a bit of time to play around on the truck today. Went ahead and put the bearings and rotor on a spindle so I could mount a tire and make an actual measurement of the front at ride height. Between the MII conversion, drop spindles and air bag looks like it will ride about 6 inches lower. Should I decide to, I can use the ride ride control to drop it another 3" or so but that would be for show and such. That would leave the front bumper just off the ground.

Here is a pic I took when verifying axle centerline and such before I commenced installation of the MII crossmember and stuff. I did some calculations on final ride height and placed the tire at that point. The second pic is the tire actually mounted on the finished suspension. It's spot on. Love it when things come together!
Next up is boxing some areas of the rear frame rails, notching it a bit for axle clearance and installation of the 4-link. I'm using my "original" (not 1965 Ford original) 9" rear end I started with for my mustang. It is more than hardy enough to back up the blown flathead. You may recall I had a custom housing built for the car to beef things up and upgrade to 31 spline axles, TruTrac etc.. Anyway... Before I can do the 4-link I need to make some modifications for the rear to fit. Actually, for the rear with standard Ford 4.5" BS wheels and tires attached. As it sits, the bed sides are about 3/4" too wide to fit between the tires. So out comes the saw and in go some mini-tubs. '48-52 F1's have massively wide rear fenders. Biggest of all the fat fendered Fords, as I understand it. Installing these 3" tubs will give me around 13-14" of usable space to stuff with rubber. More importantly, I can do so with standard BS wheels to open up all kinds of options for wheel choice without being limited in width or having to pay a premium for custom stuff.

All set to ruin a perfectly good paint job.
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Really looking good, sir. I need to update my build too but pics of scraping undercoating lack that cool factor....:cool: