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1952 F1: The Garage Roommate


I Don't Care. Do you?
Since we are all apparently sitting around at our computers today, give me some opinions. I found a basic aluminum fuel tank that had the dimensions needed to fit where I wanted it to go. While waiting for some metal bits to arrive trying to decide how I want to lay it all out. As shown below, this arrangement fits nicely between the stock frame rails. The two cylinders are storage tanks for the air ride system. I want ample air so I can raise and lower it a couple times at least before the pumps kick on.

So question. Do as shown? Put both cylinders together on one side of tank? Rotate all three 90 degrees, in which case the tank would be rearward and cylinders side by side closer to the cab. When choosing an option give reason for choice. I want to make sure I am not forgetting some aspect. I can move the fuel inlet, etc. any where really just means more TIG work.

I'm thinking of having the wood bed hinged so it can be raised to show off the handiwork below otherwise none of this matters much.


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I’ve never had air ride so I can’t say I would know if you missed anything but from a purely aesthetic point of view I like what I see.

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I Don't Care. Do you?
Like for everyone, the last couple weeks kind of went off the rails around here. Fortunately, I am still working if just strictly from home. I try but there really isn't much time to steal away to the garage as one might think. Not complaining, if there is work to do that means business is still happening which in the end is what we all want.

Anyway, it is fortunate I am the way I am and tend to over-think everything. In the case of the truck chassis, so much of each piece relies on so many other decisions in terms of how the full package comes together I would have been doing and re-doing stuff endlessly otherwise. Figuring out how to fit the fuel tank, air tanks, twin pumps, air suspension components and the triangulated link bars has been...fun. I've got it worked out, though. Finally.

Now the boxing plates I've made can get welded in. Next a custom crossmember and shock mounts can be installed. Then the 4-link and lastly the tank mounts, tanks and then all the plumbing lines. With luck, all that can happen in the next few days. Plan is take all kinds of progress pics as things move along.